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Be the Part of Leading-Edge Technology in Japanese Industry

Be the Part of Leading-Edge Technology in Japanese Industry
Since its founding in 1969, Peer International Ltd. has been aiming for business development by introducing new products to the market as a pioneer in the steel industry.
Currently, we are importing and selling steel auxiliary materials such as pig iron, ferroalloy and foundry coke from Brazil, Russia and China mainly as the pillar of our business.
We make full use of our strengths as an independent trading company, and based on "free-thinking", we are constantly pursuing ourselves with our motto of continuing proposals that satisfy our customers.
Even in the worldwide structural change, we are determined to achieve thoroughly our "customer-first" philosophy by sharpening the sense from around us all the time.
Through our business, we will strive to create an environment where each individual can overcome difficulties and foster the ability to overcome, aiming to become a company that continues to evolve together with the growth of each member.
Satoru Watanabe
President & CEO
Peer International Limited
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